Messi never reluctant to stop playing, he was like a small square in the village to play Emerson Etem Jersey, my mother told him to go home to eat, he had to go back, but angry. "Said this is the death of the former Barcelona coach Billanova, the time is in December 2009, but from the current situation, Messi and 8 years ago, no change in the just-concluded one In the season, in addition to the first round knockout of the King's Cup, Barcelona coach Enrique failed to reach a match with Messi even a full match game. Although the media every day there will be a lot of C Luo transfer of the news Ryan McDonagh Jersey. The name of the Portuguese is constantly connected with Manchester United Pavel Buchnevich Jersey, Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea, Super League, the price and the way of trading are constantly changing Brady Skjei Jersey. However, in the huge C Luo transfer rumors bubble, a group of people are very calm, they believe that C Lo is unlikely to leave Real Madrid. In fact, these people's views are more accurate than the media, because they give information about their own huge economic interests - they are gambling company experts. The Sky Sports is disclosed, Conti and Chelsea good new contract salary between 950-1000 pounds, which also makes him the highest salary in the history of Chelsea coach. At present, Conti and Chelsea also have a two-year contract. Last week, Chelsea in response to the hole from the rumors of noncommittal, but said Kong Di in Chelsea had a very happy. Sky Sports also revealed that Conti's wife and daughter will be moved to London to live with him.